Friday, July 26, 2013

Shadowrun 5E Update

Although still not available in print, on July 11, 2013, Catalyst Games Lab released the online PDF version of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition RPG for $20.00. Reportedly, the online PDF release doubled the previous launch day sales record of any other title release, and has broken five day sales records at DriveThruRPG and Catalyst's online shop.

Except for preview sales events at Origins and Gen Con, the physical copies of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition RPG will not hit the market until August.  However, Managing Developer for Catalyst Randall N. Bills is not worried that the early release of the PDF might negatively impact sales of the physical copies of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition RPG. According to him,"[w]e have years of data that show without question that the release of a PDF early for a print product ultimately increases sales of that print product."  He also added:
"While there is no way to quantify why that is the case, we believe it has to do with the die-hard fans immediately picking up a title and discussing it in online forums, raising the awareness to the more casual players that a book is out that might interest them.
Not only did Catalys sell four times as many Shadowrun, Fifth Edition at the Origins Game Fair as anyt title in our six year history (and we would've sold significantly more if we hadn't run out), but it more than doubled the sale of any item released at Origins by FASA Corporation (the original creators of Shadowrun) going all the way back to the mid 90s."
To emphasize the release of Shadowrun, Fifth Edition RPG, Catalyst has named this the "Year of Shadowrun".  To celebrate the Year of Shadowrun, Catalyst has planned a multitude of product releases across several platforms, including the deck building game Shadowrun: Crossfire, print novels, and the computer game Shadowrun Returns.

Shadowrun, Fifth Edition RPG is the latest version of the popular cyberpunk RPG that mixes fantasy and technology in a dystopian near-future setting of the Sixth World. Based on the 4th Edition, this new version adds new elements, including faster character creation, tweaking of the magic, increased gear options, and a streamlined matrix hack.  There will be both standard and limited editions available of the Shadowrun, Fifth Edition RPG core rulebook.  MSRP for the standard and limited editions is $59.99 and $99.99, respectively.


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