Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Last 'Clone Wars' Comics

After five seasons, Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended abruptly last year with the final episode left in limbo. Lucasfilm later announced that the last season would be released in October on Blu-ray and DVD, with bonus content that would include what had been in the works for season six. However, that meant that story arcs that never made it to full production would remain unresolved - including the subject of the series: what happened to Darth Maul.

Dark Horse recently announced that it will release a four-issue miniseries as a final chapter to Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir will debut in May!

According to series writer Jeremy Barlow, the story arc is not a "series finale." "The Maul comic is very cool, but it wasn't the series finale," and from a tweet from Pablo Hidalgo - Lucasfilm Sotrygroup Member - "It was a 4-part arc that fell beyond what was already in production."

*This is the final year for Dark Horse's comic license for Star Wars.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shadows Of Brimstone Tops $1.3M

Another successful Kickstarter project, Flying Frog's first KS project Shadows of Brimstone raised $1,341,305 in a funding period that ended Sunday. A cooperative western horror dungeon-crawl board game, Shadows of Brimstone apparently hit enough hot spots to appeal to over 4,700 backers. The amount raised places Shadows of Brimstone into the top 10 tabletop Kickstarters of all time.

Promising backers a release date of August 2014, Shadows of Brimstone may be one of the first games announcing a release date to coincide  with Gen Con 2014.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Smash Up: Sci-Fi Expansion

Alderac Entertainment Group plans to release a sci-fi expansion to its hit card game Smash Up. Expected in March, Smash Up: Science Fiction Double Feature will bring four new decks to the game.

The Science Fiction Double Feature expansion comes with 88 cards and can be played right out of the box by two players. It also comes with a VP token sheet and a rulebook. It plays in 45 minutes and has a SRP of $19.99. Combine it with any Smash Up set and the game can be played by up to four players.

Each of the four new factions brings new abilities to the game. Time Travelers allow players to use their cards repeatedly. Cyborg Apes take actions that take players' minions to a whole new level. Super Spies can use their espionage skill to plot out not only the player's future but also the opponent's. Shapeshifters could be anybody.

The Smash Up base game was featured in Wil Wheaton's TableTop  and made ICv2's Top 10 Card/Building Games for the Fall of 2012.