Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Dice Tower: New Stretch Goal and Rewards

While I love all gaming, generally, I have to admit that I am partial to board games.  A big reason for getting back into board gaming was Tom Vasel, his yearly Top 100 Board Games list and his video reviews in his excellent website The Dice Tower.  Thus, when I learned about The Dice Tower’s Kickstarter project to fund and expand their coverage of the board game industry for their 9th season, I did not think twice about contributing.  While the project’s goal was $20,000, in 9 days they have amassed $48,954 with 882 backers.

A few days ago, The Dice Tower announced a new stretch goal, a new promo pack and even more rewards for both existing and new backers.  If the new stretch goal of $50,000 is met, The Dice Tower website will provide an app that will allow you to rate your games and make your own Top 100 Games list.  The app will import your game collection from BoardGameGeek to start your list of games and will allow you to add more game titles, as desired.  Then the app will assist you in creating your own list using the same method used by Tom Vasel and The Dice Tower to make their Top 100 Games list.

Regardless of whether the stretch goal is met, more rewards have been added to existing bonus packs, as well as new rewards since some bonus packs are already full.  There’s a detailed list of all the addon and new rewards in their Kickstarter project website.  

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